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Figure F18. Rank abundance of paleoenvironmental indicators, Site U1418. Radiolarians are Cycladophora davisiana, a coastal upwelling species in the pelagic northeast Pacific (Welling and Pisias, 1993) and Spongopyle osculosa, a cold deepwater species (Kamikuri et al., 2007). Buliminids are low-oxygen indicators. Black bars in the Biozone columns show the uncertainty in the depths of the observed biohorizons. The number within the black bars indicates the age of the biozone boundary. JM = Jaramillo. NPD = Neogene North Pacific Diatom zone of Yanagisawa and Akiba (1998), CM = California margin. Abundance: D=dominant, A = abundant, C = common, F = few, R = rare, P = present, X = present.

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