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Figure F35. Whole-Round Multisensor Logger (WRMSL) gamma ray attenuation (GRA) bulk density compared to WRMSL magnetic susceptibility (MS) data, Site U1418. Both data sets are shown after Gaussian smoothing with a 10 cm window (±3σ) and interpolation to constant resolution at 2.5 cm. WRMSL MS (κ; black) is also shown corrected for variability in recovered sediment volume by normalizing to WRMSL GRA bulk density, generating mass MS (χ; blue). Data in the upper 238.7 m CCSF-B reflect the stratigraphic composite splice (see “Stratigraphic correlation”); deeper than 238.7 m CCSF-B, data from XCB and RCB cores in Holes U1418C, U1418D, and U1418F are combined to form a single composite section. In this lower portion, we use an average of all available data at depths for which there are overlaps in recovery.

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