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Figure F40. Whole-Round Multisensor Logger (WRMSL) gamma ray attenuation (GRA) bulk density compared to natural gamma radiation (NGR) data, Site U1418. Both data sets are shown after Gaussian smoothing with a 50 cm window (±3σ) and interpolation to constant resolution at 10 cm. NGR is also shown corrected for variability in recovered sediment volume by normalizing to WRMSL GRA bulk density. Data in the upper 238.7 m CCSF-B reflect the stratigraphic composite splice (see “Stratigraphic correlation”); deeper than 238.7 m CCSF-B this point, data from recovered XCB and RCB cores in Holes U1418C, U1418D, and U1418F are combined to form a single composite section. In this lower portion, we use an average of all available data at depths for which there are overlaps in recovery.

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