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Table T3. Distribution of lithostratigraphic units and associated facies, Site U1418.

units and
associated facies
Hole U1418A Hole U1418B Hole U1418C Hole U1418D Hole U1418E Hole U1418F
Unit I F1a, F1b, F2a, F2b, F3a, F5a, F5b, F5c, F6, F7 0–209.9 m CSF-A; Interval 1H-1, 0 cm, to 33H-CC, 25 cm 0–17 m CSF-A; Interval 1H-1, 0 cm, to 2H-CC, 16 cm 0–230.76 m CSF-A; Interval 1H-1, 0 cm, to 32H-CC, 18 cm 3–257.3 m CSF-A; Interval 1H-1, 0 cm, to 32H-CC, 24 cm 0–78 m CSF-A, drilled interval, 78–181.6 m CSF-A; Interval 2H-1, 0 cm, to 13H-CC, 14 cm Drilled interval
Subunit IIA F1a, F1b, F2a, F4a, F4d, F5b, F7       257.3–297.93 m CSF-A; Interval 32H-CC, 24 cm, to 37X-CC, 43 cm   279.4–334.6 m CSF-A; Interval 4R-1, 0 cm, to 9R-5, 70 cm
Subunit IIB F1a, F1b, F1d, F4a, F4d, F5a, F5b, F5c, F7           334.6–668.5 m CSF-A; Interval 9R-5, 70 cm, to 44R-1, 111 cm
Subunit IIC F1a, F1b, F1d, F4a, F5a, F5b, F7           668.5–706.2 m CSF-A; Interval 44R-1, 111 cm, to 47R-CC, 19 cm
Subunit IID F1a, F1b, F1d, F2a, F4a, F5c           706.2–803.3 m CSF-A; Interval 48R-1, 0 cm, to 58R-1, 10 cm
Unit III F1a, F1b, F1d, F2a, F2b, F4a, F5c, F6, F7, F8           803.3–919.6 m CSF-A; Interval 58R-1, 10 cm, to 70R-1, 0 cm
Unit IV F9           919.6–941.4 m CSF-A; Interval 70R-1, 0 cm, to 72R-CC, 21 cm

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