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Figure F16. Interrelationship between cored material and the depth scales used in Expedition 346. Blue, brown, and purple intervals represent recovered core. Dashed and dotted lines represent equivalent horizons. Red dashed arrows represent tie points aligning specific, easily recognized features. The CSF-A scale is established by adding the curated core length to the core top DSF depth. Core expansion creates apparent overlaps and stratigraphic reversals when data are plotted on the CSF-A scale. The CCSF-A scale is constructed based on sequential identification of distinct horizons identified in multiple holes at a given site, working from the top of the section downward (red dashed arrows). The primary splice (CCSF-D) is constructed by combining selected intervals between tie points (purple) such that coring gaps and disturbed section are excluded, resulting in a complete stratigraphic section (less any natural, sedimentological hiatuses). CCSF-A depth designations are not necessarily equivalent to CCSF-D for intervals not included in the splice as illustrated by blue dashed lines. The “-A” and “-D” designations differentiate different methods of depth scale construction.

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