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Table T3. Variables and their acronyms in each of the Datafull data sets contained in the simplified Techlog training data set DLIS files.

Standard High resolution
Variable Description Variable Description
MD Measured depth (reference) MD Measured depth (reference)
BAD_HOLE Bad hole flag (LCAL > 14 inches) EHGR_EDTC High-resolution corrected gamma ray
BH_FL_DRHO Bad hole flag calculated from bulk density correction HBDC High-resolution bulk density correction
BS Bit size HGR_EDTC High-resolution gamma ray
C_DENS Density from MAD measurements HROM High-resolution corrected bulk density
C_GDENS Grain density from MAD measurements MSSLSUS_LDEO Low-resolution magnetic susceptibility
C_PHI Porosity from MAD measurements RLA1 Apparent resistivity from computed focusing Mode 1 (shallow)
CORE Core recovery flag RLA2 Apparent resistivity from computed focusing Mode 2
CS Cable speed RLA3 Apparent resistivity from computed focusing Mode 3 (medium)
DRH Bulk density correction RLA4 Apparent resistivity from computed focusing Mode 4
DT1 DSI shear slowness, lower dipole (ms/ft) RLA5 Apparent resistivity from computed focusing Mode 5 (deep)
DT2 DSI shear slowness, upper dipole (ms/ft) RM_HRLT HRLT computed mud resistivity
DTCO Sonic compressional delta time (computed downhole; ms/ft) RT_HRLT HRLT true formation resistivity
DTSM Delta time shear (ms/ft) TIME Time index
ECGR_EDTC Environmentally corrected gamma ray    
ETIM Elapsed logging time    
GR_EDTC Gamma ray    
HCGR HNGS computed gamma ray    
HFK HNGS formation potassium concentration    
HSGR HNGS standard gamma ray    
HTHO HNGS formation thorium concentration    
HURA HNGS formation uranium concentration    
ITT Integrated transit time    
LCAL Density caliper    
MTEM Mud temperature    
PEFL Long-spaced corrected photoelectric factor    
PEFS Short-spaced corrected photoelectric factor    
RHOM Bulk density    
TENS Cable tension    
TIME Time index    
VELP Compressional velocity (computed from waveforms; km/s)    
VELS Shear velocity (computed from waveforms; km/s)    
VSH_GR Shale volume calculated from gamma ray    

LCAL = caliper, DSI = Dipole Sonic Imager, MAD = moisture and density, HNGS= Hostile Environment Natural Gamma Ray Sonde, HRLT = High-Resolution Laterolog Tool.

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