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Table T5. Supplementary data set variables and descriptions.

Variable Description
TDEP Measured depth (reference)
FMS_DYN Dynamically normalized Formation MicroScanner image
FMS_STAT Statically normalized Formation MicroScanner image
ASSOC_CAL Associated caliper
C1 Caliper 1
C2 Caliper 2
DEVI Deviation
EV Emex voltage
HAZI Hole azimuth
P1AZ Pad 1 azimuth
RB Relative bearing
SDEV Sonde deviation
Physical properties track
MD Measured depth (reference)
C_DENS GRA density measured by track* (g/cm3)
MagSus Magnetic susceptibility measured by track* (SI; unitless)
NGR Natural gamma radiation measured by track* (counts/s)
TDEP Measured depth (reference)
DEVI GPIT hole deviation (°)
HAZI GPIT hole azimuth (°)

* = track measurements made in laboratory. GRA = gamma ray attenuation, GPIT = General Purpose Inclination Tool.

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