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Figure F5. Hole C0002F, C0002N, and C0002P casing and depth schematic overlain on in-line seismic Section 2529 from the prestack depth migrated 3-D seismic volume. The horizontal scale does not allow display of the small (<10 m) Hole C0002N and C0002P sidetrack offsets. The black line represents the borehole, with the final target (red arrowhead) intersecting the plate boundary fault (blue dashed lines). The bottom simulating reflector (BSR) is shown by the opaque blue dashed line. The boundary between forearc basin sediment and accretionary prism is represented by the dashed purple line. The black outlined gray box indicates the current borehole, with casing depths indicated by the green arrowheads. The blue stippled box indicates the cored section of Hole C0002P.

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