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Table T1. Matrix of normalization factors derived from singular value decomposition and analysis of standard mineral mixtures, used to calculate relative mineral abundances in clay-size aggregates, Hole C0002N.

Target mineral in standard mixture
Smectite Illite Chlorite Quartz
Smectite 7.4475294E–04 –3.1953641E–05 –7.5067212E–05 –1.5661915E–04
Illite 6.3114654E–05 3.7866938E–03 8.4222964E–05 1.1769286E–04
Chlorite –3.5636057E–04 –6.7378140E–05 2.5121504E–03 5.2290707E–05
Quartz 9.3573136E–03 3.6491468E–03 3.2755411E–03 1.4825645E–02

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