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Figure F7. Wireline tool strings to be deployed at CRISP sites. A. Triple combo tool string takes downhole measurements of hole diameter, natural gamma ray, density, neutron porosity, and resistivity. B. Formation MicroScanner (FMS)-sonic tool string measures borehole resistivity images, natural gamma ray, and P- and S-wave velocities. C. Versatile Seismic Imager (VSI) tool string acquires seismic waveform data in a check shot experiment. HNGS = Hostile Environment Natural Gamma Ray Sonde, APS = Accelerator Porosity Sonde, HLDS = Hostile Environment Litho-Density Sonde, GPIT = General Purpose Inclinometry Tool, DIT = Dual Induction Tool, DSI = Dipole Sonic Imager, SGT-N = Scintillation Gamma Ray Tool-N.

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