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Table T1. Primary and alternate proposed sites, Expedition 346.

Site Latitude Longitude Water depth (m) Penetration depth (mbsf) Estimated bottom age
YB-1 35°57.92’N 134°26.06’E 316 500 Pleistocene
YB-2 37°02.00’N 134°48.00’E 930 400 Pliocene
YR-1 39°29.44’N 134°26.55’E 1917 450 Pliocene−Miocene
JB-1 40°11.40’N 138°13.90’E 2811 150 Pliocene
JB-2 41°41.95’N 139°04.98’E 1785 250 Pliocene
JB-3 43°45.99’N 138°49.99’E 3435 200 Pliocene
ECS-1B 31°40.64’N 129°02.00’E 746 800 Pliocene
UB-1 37°54.16’N 131°32.25’E 1064 285 Pliocene−Miocene
YB-3 38°37.00’N 134°32.00’E 2874 200 Pliocene
ECS-1A 31°38.30’N 128°56.60’E 746   Pliocene

All penetration depths shown have been approved by the Environmental Protection and Safety Panel. A new request to extend the approved depths by 50 m at all sites, except proposed Sites JB-2 and ECS-1A, is pending.

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