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Table T2. Prioritization of sites with regard to individual themes, Expedition 347.

Theme Primary site Alternate site Additional data
from primary site
Additional data
from alternate site
1: Climate and sea level dynamics of MIS 5 BSB-3 BSB-4 BSB-1B BSB-2B
2: The complexities of the Last Glacial (MIS 4–MIS 2) BSB-5B and BSB-8B BSB-6B and BSB-7B BSB-1B, BSB-3, and BSB-9 BSB-2B
3: Deglacial and Holocene climate forcing BSB-1B and BSB-9-11 BSB-2B BSB-8 BSB-6B and BSB-7B
4: Deep biosphere responses to glacial–interglacial cycles BSB-3, BSB-9, and BSB-11      

At the time of writing, no sites had received approval from the Environmental Protection and Safety Panel (EPSP). Primary sites and their prioritization are therefore subject to change. The latest site strategy will be published on the ESO Expedition 347 web page (

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