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Figure F4. Total field magnetic map (based on[GCMD]GSJ_EASTASIA_CDROM) showing major magnetic zones (A, B, C1, C1′, C2, D, and E). M1 and M2 are two major magnetic anomalies in the East Sub-basin. ZNF = Zhongnan fault; LRTPB = Luzon-Ryukyu transform plate boundary; DS = Dongsha Rise; SCMA = offshore south China magnetic anomaly; XS = Xisha; ZB = Zhongsha (Macclesfield) Bank; LB = Reed Bank; NM = Dangerous Grounds. Red lines = transform faults. Red dots = primary sites for the operations plan. Green dots = primary sites for the backup operations plan (Site SCS-6A is a primary site for both operations plans). Yellow dots = alternate sites. White dot = location of ODP Site 1148. (After Li et al., 2008b.)

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