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Figure F3. A. Interpretation of magnetic anomalies of the West Philippine Basin (Hilde and Lee, 1984); figure is modified after Deschamps et al. (2002). B. Schematic of the evolution of the spreading mode of the West Philippine Basin (after Okino and Fujioka, 2003). BR = Benham Rise, FR = failed rift, FZ = fracture zone, PF = pseudofaults, UP = Urdaneta Plateau, VS = Vinogradov Seamount. C. Evolutionary model of the West Philippine Basin at 50 Ma (Deschamps and Lallemand, 2003). BABB = back-arc basin basalt, N-MORB = normal mid-ocean-ridge basalt, OIB = ocean-island basalt, PAC = Pacific plate. Blue triangles = MORB or OIB volcanoes, green triangles = arc volcanoes, red triangles = boninitic volcanoes. D. Paleogeodynamic reconstruction of the western Pacific after Jolivet et al. (1989), based on the “trapped basin model” for the generation of the West Philippine Basin. ANT = Antarctic plate, AUS = Australian plate.

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