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Figure F2. Top: Seismic Profile GeoB097-020/027 showing the positions of Expedition 354 drill sites in relation to regional fan architecture. The tops of the Pliocene and Miocene, as well as the 10 Ma horizon, are traced through the profile based on results from DSDP Site 218 (Moore et al., 1974). The distinct unconformity in the east that is penetrated only by the deepest part of proposed site MBF-3A is inferred to represent the Eocene onset of fan deposition. Bottom: Interpreted line drawing of Profile GeoB97-020/027 showing the later stage channel-levee systems, regional unconformities and faults. Modified from Schwenk and Spieß (2009). TWT = two-way traveltime, VE = vertical exaggeration. Horizontal scale = common midpoint (CMP) numbers, CMP distance = 20 m. Naming of channels follows Curray et al., 2003.

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