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Table T2. Summary of descriptions and measurements made during Expedition 325. (See table notes.)

Greatship Maya, offshore GBR Onshore Science Party, Bremen
Core description: Core description:
Core catcher description  Split-core visual core description
Core photography: Discrete sample moisture and density properties:
Core catcher photography Compressional P-wave velocity
  Bulk, dry, and grain density
Whole-core multisensor logging: Water content
Density Porosity
Magnetic susceptibility Core photography:
Electrical resistivity Photography of massive corals and their specialized splitting
Geochemistry: Geochemistry:
pH by ion-specific electrode IW analysis by ICP-OES (major and trace elements)
Alkalinity by single-point titration to pH IC (chloride, bromide, sulfate, and nitrate)
Ammonium by flow injection method Sediment TOC, TC, and TS by LECO (carbon-sulfur analyzer)
Salinity by refractometer Sediment mineralogy by XRD
Downhole logging: Micropaleontology:
Spectral natural gamma ray  Benthic foraminifers
Total natural gamma ray  Planktonic foraminifers
Full waveform sonic  
Optical imaging Other:
Acoustic imaging Thermal conductivity
Caliper Color reflectance of split-core surface at discrete points
Magnetic susceptibility  Continuous digital line scanning of split-core surface
Electrical conductivity CT scanning (selected cores only)
  Discrete paleomagnetic measurements
  Discrete magnetic susceptibility measurements

Notes: IW = interstitial water, ICP-OAES = inductively coupled plasma–optical emission spectroscopy. IC = ion chromatography. TOC = total organic carbon, TC = total carbon, TS = total sulfur. XRD = X-ray diffraction. CT = computed tomography.

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