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Figure F70. Core images of characteristic lithologies from the oceanic anoxic Event (OAE) 2 interval, Holes U1407A and U1407B. A. Example of a pre-black-band laminated claystone with well-developed Chondrites burrowing at the top. The wedge shape of this bed is the result of core rotation during XCB drilling. B. Example of reddish brown chert with mottles accompanied by significant magnetic susceptibility peaks. Surrounding lithologies are nannofossil chalks with clay (light green below chert) and nannofossil chalk (greenish white above chert). C. Example of middle Turonian laminated clayey nannofossil chalks with well-preserved slump-induced overturning. D. Red radiolarian chert hosted in pinkish white nannofossil chalks overlying OAE. E. Laminated nannofossil claystones with radiolarians that directly overlie the black shales.

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