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Figure F71. Photomicrographs and images from shallow-marine carbonate sediment in Hole U1307A. A. Mixed carbonate-clastic grainstone that has been lightly dolomitized and heavily cemented iron manganese crusts (Sample 342-U1407A-31X-CC, 17–18 cm). B. Pel-bio-micrite (Folk, 1959) (Sample 342-U1407A-35X-CC). C. Mollusk mold in limestone (Sample 342-U1407A-35X-CC). D. Mold of scleractinian coral fragment (Sample 342-U1407A-35X-CC). E. Orbitolina benthic foraminifers (Sample 342-U1407A-33X-CC). F. External mold of high-spired gastropod in limestone.

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