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Figure F3. Bathymetric features of the eastern Philippine Sea, IBM arc system, and Expedition 350 (Site U1436 in fore arc and Site U1437 in rear arc) and 351 and 352 sites positions. Dashed lines = wide-angle seismic profiles; the north–south seismic profiles (along the present-day volcanic front and rear arc ~150 km west of the volcanic front) are shown in Figure F5. The lines of circles = conspicuous north–south rows of long-wavelength magnetic anomalies, attributed to loci of Oligocene magmatic centers by Yamazaki and Yuasa (1998). Site U1436 is on the fore-arc anomaly (fore arc high/Shin-Kurose Ridge); Site U1437 is on the rear-arc anomaly (Nishi-shichito Ridge).

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