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Figure F4. Location of wide-angle seismic profile along the rear arc (red line) 150 km west of the present-day volcanic front (profile shown in Fig. F5). Black line shows location of a wide-angle seismic profile along the Izu arc front (Kodaira et al., 2007b; also shown in Fig. F5). A–E = rear-arc segments with thick middle crust matched to arc-front segments. Kodaira et al. (2008) interpret the Nishi-shichito Ridge in the rear arc as a paleo-arc that was obliquely rifted off of the arc front, with an extension direction parallel to the Sofugan Tectonic Line (SFG-TL), which forms the tectonic boundary between the Izu and Bonin arcs (Fig. F3). Images from Kodaira et al. (2008). Hcj = Hachijo-jima, Ags = Aoga-shima, Sms = South Sumisu, Tsm = Torishima, Tnp = Tempo Seamount, Omc = Omachi Seamount.

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