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Figure F43. Zr/Y vs. SiO2 for volcaniclastic and igneous samples from (A) literature and (B) sedimentary Units I–VII and igneous Unit 1. Note that R2 rhyolites from the arc front (rhyolite-dominant submarine calderas) are shown as a separate field as a subset of the arc-front data. Data sources: Tamura et al. (2009), Gill et al. (1994), Bryant et al. (2003), Straub et al. (2003, 2010), Hochstaedter et al. (2001), Ishizuka et al. (2002, 2003a, 2003b, 2006), Machida et al. (2003, 2008), Tollstrup et al. (2010). One outlier from the arc front field contains anomalously high Zr/Y and is not included in the “blob.”

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