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Figure F44. Zr and Zr/Y analyzed by pXRF and ICP-AES for volcaniclastic and igneous samples, Site U1437. Probability curves below depth panels show the relative distribution of Zr and Zr/Y in basalt-dominant island volcanoes from the arc front (including R1 rhyolites), rhyolite-dominant submarine calderas in the arc front (R2 rhyolites), and rear-arc volcanic rocks. Vertical lines = composition of the peaks in the literature data distributions. Ig1 = igneous Unit 1. Data sources: Tamura et al. (2009), Gill et al. (1994), Bryant et al. (2003), Straub et al. (2003, 2010), Hochstaedter et al. (2001), Ishizuka et al. (2002, 2003a, 2003b, 2006), Machida et al. (2003, 2008), Tollstrup et al. (2010).

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