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Figure F2. Magnetic susceptibilities of (A) a siliciclastic sand layer recovered from Section 303-U1305A-24H-5W at 251.30–252.80 meters composite depth (mcd) and (B) a detrital carbonate (DC) layer recovered from Section 303-U1305A-25H-2W at 252.20–253.70 mcd. The siliciclastic sand layer is characterized by high magnetic susceptibility, relatively dark color, sharp basal contacts, and the development of laminae (A). Magnetic susceptibility from 252.70 to 252.80 mcd in A was very low, with probably error values. The DC layer is characterized by low magnetic susceptibility, relatively light color, and thin layers of DC grains (B). Photographs were taken using the Section Half Imaging Logger on the JOIDES Resolution. Magnetic susceptibility was measured using the Whole-Round Multisensor Logger on the JOIDES Resolution (see the “Site U1305” chapter [Expedition 303 Scientists, 2006b]).

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