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Table T4. Compilation of types and storage treatments for samples taken during microbiological sampling, Sites U1316, U1317, and U1318.

Code Sample type
Sample Storage
Sites sampled
WRC Syringe U1316 U1317 U1318
HS   5 Methane headspace Processed on ship X X X
CH4   5 Detailed methane Gas vial X X X
DEL   5 δ13C-methane Gas vial X X X
HGA   5 Higher hydrocarbon analyses Gas vial X X X
IW 10–20   Interstitial water Processed on ship X X X
CONT-PFT   5 PFT contamination tests Gas vial X X X
CONT-BEAD   5 Bead contamination tests Gas vial X X X
AODC   5 Direct bacterial counts Fomaldehyde X X X
AOM 30   Rates of anaerobic oxidation of methane In nitrogen +4°C, anoxic X X X
SRR 10   Rates of sulfate reduction, dehalogenation experiments In nitrogen +4°C, anoxic X X X
CH4C 20   Rates of methanogenesis and thymidine incorporation, MPN enrichments In nitrogen +4°C, anoxic X X X
URI 5   Rates of hydrogenase activity In nitrogen –80°C, anoxic X X X
GAS 6   Methane isotopes and higher hydrocarbon gas concentrations +4°C poisoned (NaN3) X X X
VIR 5   Viren In nitrogen –80°C, anoxic X X X
FISH 5   CARD-FISH In nitrogen –80°C, anoxic X X X
DNAI 5   DNA-qPCR Div –80°C X X X
DNAPCR 5   qPCR quantification of bacterial and archaeal populations –80°C X X X
DNAS 5   DNA plasmid vectors –80°C   X X
DNAG 5   CARD-FISH and 16S rRNA analysis of AOM communities –80°C X X X
DNAIODP 5   IODP DNA archive core –80°C X X X
AALEO 5   Amino acids –80°C X X X
DNAC 10   DNA extraction, amplification, DGGE, functional genes dsrAB and mcrA –80°C X X X
LIPH 5   Intact phospholipids –80°C X X X
WRCB 30   Oedometry Room temperature X   X
LIPD 5   Archaeal tetra-ether membrane lipids –80°C   X  
MICT 5   Microtomography Room temperature   X  

Notes: PFT = perfluorocarbon tracer. MPN = most probable number, CARD-FISH = catalyzed reporter deposition–fluorescent in situ hybridization. IODP = Integrated Ocean Drilling Program. DNA = deoxyribonucleic acid. WRC = whole-round core. qPCR = quantitative polymerase chain reaction, rRNA = ribosomal ribonucleic acid, AOM = anaerobic oxidation of methane, DGGE = denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis, dsrAB = dissimilatory sulfite reductase, mcrA = methyl-coenzyme M reductase.

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