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Table T6. Measurements and specifications for wireline logging tools.

Tool string* Tool Measurement Sampling interval
Approximate vertical
resolution (cm)
Triple combination HNGS Spectral gamma ray 15 51
APS Porosity 5 and 15 43
HLDS Bulk density 2.5 38
EMS Environmental (mud temperature and resistivity) 15 NA
DIT-E Resistivity 15 200/150/76
TAP Temperature 1 per s NA
Tool acceleration 4 per s NA
Pressure 1 per s NA
Formation MicroScanner (FMS)-sonic combination SGT Total gamma ray 15 46
DSI Acoustic velocity 15 107
GPIT Tool orientation 0.25 and 15 NA
FMS Microresistivity 0.25 0.5
Well Seismic Tool (WST-3 components) stationary measurements WST-3 Sonic traveltime Variable NA

Notes: * = all tool and tool string names (except the TAP tool) are trademarks of Schlumberger. For additional information about tool physics and use, consult IODP-USIO Science Services, LDEO, at​TOOLS_LABS/​tools.html. See Table T7 for explanations of acronyms used to describe tool strings and tools. NA = not applicable.

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