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Table T7. Acronyms and units used for wireline logging tools.

Tool Output Tool name/Explanation of output Unit
APS   Accelerator Porosity Sonde  
APLC Near array porosity (limestone calibrated) %
SIGF Formation capture cross section (Σf) Capture units
STOF Tool standoff (computed distance from borehole wall) inches
DIT-E   Dual Induction Tool  
IDPH Deep induction resistivity Ω·m
IMPH Medium induction resistivity Ω·m
SFLU Spherically focused resistivity Ω·m
DSI   Dipole Sonic Imager  
DTCO Compressional wave delay time (Δt) ms/ft
DTSM Shear wave delay time (Δt) ms/ft
DTST Stoneley wave delay time (Δt) ms/ft
FMS   Formation MicroScanner  
C1, C2 Orthogonal hole diameters inches
P1AZ Pad 1 azimuth Degrees
  Spatially oriented resistivity images of borehole wall  
GPIT   General Purpose Inclinometer Tool  
DEVI Hole deviation Degrees
HAZI Hole azimuth Degrees
Fx, Fy, Fz Earth’s magnetic field (three orthogonal components) Degrees
Ax, Ay, Az Acceleration (three orthogonal components) m/s2
HLDS   Hostile Environment Litho-Density Sonde  
RHOM Bulk density g/cm3
PEFL Photoelectric effect b/e
LCAL Caliper (measure of borehole diameter) inches
DRH Bulk density correction g/cm3
HNGS   Hostile Environment Gamma Ray Sonde  
HSGR Standard (total) gamma ray gAPI
HCGR Computed gamma ray (HSGR minus uranium contribution) gAPI
HFK Potassium (K) wt%
HTHO Thorium (Th) ppm
HURA Uranium (U) ppm
EMS   Environmental Measurement Sonde  
TMP Temperature °C
SGT   Scintillation Gamma Ray Tool  
ECGR Environmentally corrected gamma ray gAPI
TAP   Temperature/Acceleration/Pressure tool °C, m/s2, psi
WST   Well Seismic Tool (1 component)  
  Acoustic arrival times ms

Notes: * = all tool and tool string names (except the TAP tool) are trademarks of Schlumberger. For the complete list of acronyms used in IODP and for additional information about tool physics and use, consult IODP-USIO Science Services, LDEO, at

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