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Figure F4. Glutaraldehyde-fixed samples. A. Surface of microbialites (magnification = 13,100-fold) (Hole M0020A, 4.51 mbsf). B. Surface of microbialites with pyrite crystals (magnification = 9,550-fold) (Hole M0023A, 0.12 mbsf). C. EPS-covered surface of microbialites with attached polyp larvae and possibly one coccoid bacterium in the foreground (magnification = 32,700-fold) (Hole M0024A, 11.88 mbsf). D. Surface of microbialites with some fiber type minerals, most probably clay minerals (magnification = 30,000-fold) (Hole M0007C, 5.88 mbsf). E. Surface of blue biofilm covered with a network of desiccated EPS minerals, presumably calcium carbonate and microorganisms (magnification = 19,200-fold) (Hole M0015B, 0.47 mbsf).

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