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Table T4. Measurement acronyms, units, vertical resolutions, and depths of investigation (where available) of wireline logging tools deployed during Expedition 311.

Tool Output Tool name/Explanation of output Unit Vertical resolution (cm) Depth of investigation (cm)

  Accelerator Porosity Sonde      
APLC Near array porosity (limestone calibrated) % 43  
SIGF Formation capture cross section Capture unit 31  
STOF Tool standoff (distance from borehole wall) inch    

  Dual Induction Tool      
IDPH Deep induction resistivity m 246 122–158
IMPH Medium induction resistivity m 185 66–79
SFLU Spherically focused resistivity m 61 41

  Dipole Sonic Imager      
DTCO Compressional wave slowness µs/ft 107 ~10
DTSM Shear wave slowness µs/ft 107 ~10
DTST Stoneley wave slowness µs/ft 107 ~10

Formation MicroScanner      
C1, C2 Orthogonal hole diameters inch    
P1AZ Pad 1 azimuth Degree    
  Oriented resistivity images of borehole wall   0.5 2

  General Purpose Inclinometer Tool      
DEVI Hole deviation Degree    
HAZI Hole azimuth Degree    
Fx, Fy, Fz Earth's magnetic field (three orthogonal components) Oersted    
Ax, Ay, Az Acceleration (three orthogonal components) m/s2    

  Hostile Environment Litho-Density Tool      
RHOB Bulk density (corrected) g/cm3 46  
PEF Photoelectric effect b/e    
CALI Caliper (borehole diameter) inch    
DRHO Bulk density correction g/cm3


  Hostile Environment Gamma Ray Sonde      
HSGR Standard (total) gamma ray gAPI 51  
HCGR Computed gamma ray (minus uranium contribution) gAPI 51  
HFK Potassium wt% 51  
HTHO Thorium ppm 51  
HURA Uranium ppm 51  

  Scintillation Gamma Ray Tool      
ECGR Environmentally corrected gamma ray gAPI 46  
TAP   Temperature/Acceleration/Pressure C, m/s2, psi    
WST   Well Seismic Tool      

Note: For the complete list of acronyms used in IODP and for additional information about tool physics, consult IODP-USIO Science Services, LDEO, at

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