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Figure F34. Age-depth plot showing cores (every fifth core shaded) in Hole M0027A, the timescale of Berggren et al. (1995), calcareous nannoplankton zones (light blue bars), planktonic foraminifer zones (dark blue bars), and dinocyst zones (green bars). Sr isotopic ages are shown as circles with errors of ±0.6 m.y. (15.2–34.4 Ma) and ±1.17 m.y. (younger than 15.2 Ma). Horizontal lines for sequence boundaries (red) and tentative sequence boundaries (dashed red) lines are labeled with their corresponding depths. Green lines = flooding surfaces. MFS = maximum flooding surface. TD = total depth. Planktonic foraminifer E and O zones are from Berggren and Pearson (2005); planktonic foraminifer M, PL, and Pt zones are from Berggren et al. (1995); nannofossil zones are from Martini (1971); and dinocyst zones are from de Verteuil and Norris (1996). Geomagnetic polarity timescale is from Cande and Kent (1995). See Figure F85 for detail.

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