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Figure F44. Detailed composite of selected downhole log data, petrophysical measurements, and derived calculations, Hole M0028A; normalized amplitude acoustic image (ABI40 ampl); acoustic caliper (ACCAL); total gamma ray through pipe (ASGRcgs) and on cores (NGR core); potassium, uranium, and thorium contents (ASGRcgs K, U, and Th, respectively); U-Th/3 ratios; clay volume estimate; magnetic susceptibility from cores (MagSus MSCL) and downhole logging (EM51); P-wave velocities on core (VP MSCL) and from log (VP 2PSA); density from whole core (density MSCL) and filtered signal; porosity from discrete measurements (porosity) and filtered signal; and impedance calculated from MSCL P-wave data (impedance MSCL) and sonic P-wave log (impedance 2PSA). Stratigraphic surfaces are added to the left (SB = sequence boundary, FS = flooding surface, HFS = maximum flooding surface, TS = transgressive surface). Petrophysical boundaries are drawn in pink. See text for discussion and Table T11 for boundary descriptions. See Figure F4 in the "Methods" chapter for lithology legend. A. 740–760 m WSF. (Continued on next seven pages.)

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