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Many people too numerous to list contributed to the success of Expedition 313. The Captains and crew of the L/B Kayd provided a comfortable home above the waves. The DOSECC drillers worked tirelessly to provide excellent cores. The ESO staff, skilled in more ways than we can count, kept things on schedule and upbeat. The BCR team ensured that an ambitious shore-based operation remained organized and productive. The TAMU publications staff somehow read our handwriting and turned hasty edits into meaningful sentences. To all these people we are immensely grateful, but in particular we wish to acknowledge the following individual contributions:

Joel Watkins (Texas A&M University, ret.) helped convene the 1988 JOIDES Sea Level Workshop that developed strategies applied on Exp313;

Stephen Greenlee (ExxonMobil Upstream Research) provided proprietary data to proponents of ODP Proposal 548 and worked with them to sharpen methods for estimating eustatic change in shallow water sediments;

Nicholas Christie-Blick (Columbia University), James A. Austin, Jr., Craig Fulthorpe, and Peter Flemings (all University of Texas Inst. for Geophysics) were drilling proposal proponents and stimulating colleagues in the shared desire to use cores and logs to measure sea level and test sequence stratigraphic models;

The National Science Foundation (in particular Program Managers Bruce Malfait, Bilal Haq, Leonard Johnson, and Rodey Batiza) supported marine surveys and onshore drilling of the New Jersey margin, knowing that the full understanding of sea level history requires more than offshore drill cores;

Joseph Kravitz (U.S. Office of Naval Research, ret.) kept hope alive for drilling the New Jersey shelf by coordinating ONR support of surveys and sampling with that of the NSF;

Barry Katz and Craig Shipp (IODP Environmental Protection and Safety Panel) provided wise counsel to the proponents of Proposal 564 who were tasked with providing evidence that it was safe to drill on the New Jersey shelf;

Uli Harms (International Continental Drilling Program) faithfully stood by with a commitment of support from ICDP for the many years that proposal 564 was poised for drilling;

Catherine Mevel (ECORD Managing Agency) skillfully helped guide the complex budgeting for Expedition 313 through several years of volatile funding;

Tom Janecek (formerly IODP-MI) provided sure-handed guidance implementing new concepts of MSP operations into the IODP structure;

Dan Evans (ESO, ret.) worked tirelessly to get Expedition 313 out to sea in the right weather window, staffed with a skilled team of drillers, engineers and scientists; and

David Smith and Colin Graham (ESO) provided patient, clear-headed management of all aspects of the offshore operation.