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Figure F22. Chronostratigraphic framework and biostratigraphic ages of predicted seismic sequence boundary units across the Expedition 317 drilling transect. Pleistocene ages are derived from calcareous nannofossils. Pliocene–Eocene ages are derived from calcareous nannofossils and planktonic foraminifers (early Pliocene–late Miocene ages are primarily from planktonic foraminifers). Major hiatuses indicated by microfossil biostratigraphy are displayed in the epoch (left-hand) column for each site. Right-hand columns provide ages (in Ma) at the predicted depths of seismic sequence boundaries. U19–U5 are shown schematically, intersecting each site at their predicted depths. The Marshall Paraconformity (MP) is noted for Site U1352 as the unconformable boundary between the early Miocene and early Oligocene.

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