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Figure F21. Core photographs of induration and cementation in Hole U1351B. A. Calcareous cementation in host sediment (interval 317-U1351B-90X-3, 66–80 cm). B. Incipient nodule formation in host sediment (interval 317-U1351B-100X-5, 37–45 cm). C. Calcareous nodule in host sediment (interval 317-U1351B-100X-3, 12–18 cm). D. Calcareous concretion in host sediment (interval 317-U1351B-96X-CC, 0–15 cm). E. Drilling-induced induration (interval 317-U1351B-89X-CC, 24–31 cm). F. Extreme drilling-induced induration resulting from drilling compaction (interval 317-U1351B-112X-CC, 20–35 cm). The dark coloration at the base of the photograph is the result of sediment heating induced by drilling.

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