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Figure F5. Comparison of standard gamma ray log to core recovery in the uppermost 350 m of Hole U1351B, illustrating alternative Unit I/II boundaries. Core recovery and a boundary option located in a recovered core (Option B; Section 317-U1351B-31X-4) are displayed on the left. Four other boundary options (all of which fall within nonrecovered intervals) based on changes in the gamma ray log are also shown: Option A (gap between Cores 317-U1351B-29X and 30X), Option C (gap between Cores 317-U1351B-31X and 32X), Option D (gap between Cores 317-U1351B-33X and 34X), and Option E (gap between Cores 317-U1351B-35X and 36X). Core photographs illustrate lithologic changes across each proposed boundary. The range of options is shaded in gray. Dashed lines correlate depths of each option in the core and in the gamma ray log.

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