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Figure F6. Lithostratigraphic correlation between Cores 317-U1351A-1H through 6H and 317-U1351B-1H through 5H. Lithologic surfaces U1351A-S1/U1351B-S1 and U1351A-S2/U1351B-S2 are connected with dashed lines labeled S1 and S2 (see Table T4). Geochemical and microbiological sampling horizons are shown for Hole U1351A. S1 is the base of a Type 1 facies assemblage. The sand placed below S2 in Hole U1351A is the top of a Type 2 facies assemblage. A similar sand is placed above S2 in Hole U1351B. However, there was some uncertainty in the location of this surface in both holes, as represented by the question marks, and the precise S2 surface may not have been recovered in Hole U1351A.

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