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Figure F15. Representative core photographs showing features of sandy marlstones encountered in Unit II. All photographs are at the same vertical scale. A. Dark mudstone beds with sharp bases and burrows infilled with dark mud extending into underlying sandy marlstone (interval 317-U1352C-81R-1, 28–66 cm). B. Bioturbated sandy marlstone (interval 317-U1352C-42R-2, 1–16 cm). C. Large, pale burrows overprinting a small, darker burrow presumably belonging to an earlier episode of burrowing (interval 317-U1352C-59R-3, 31–46 cm). D. Lighter colored layer with higher carbonate content (interval 317-U1352C-44R-3, 10–25 cm). E. Patches of sand and wavy, discontinuous laminations (interval 317-U1352C-95R-6, 2–17 cm). F. Laminated sandy marlstone to calcareous sandstone (interval 317-U1352C-114R-6, 84–98 cm). G. Wavy laminations and sand lenses in a sandy marlstone (interval 317-U1352C-114R-7, 15–32 cm).

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