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Figure F16. Core photographs, interpretation, and sketches of soft-sediment deformation intervals in Subunit IIB. The base of Section 317-U1352C-94R-7 (1438.2 m) was described as surface U1352C-S12. A. Fluidized structures associated with soft-sediment deformation (Core 317-U1352C-94R). Shades of gray indicate color changes in lithology. B. Very fine sandy marlstone showing soft-sediment deformation structures: recumbent and isoclinal folding, fluidized structures, and coarse to medium sand (Section 317-U1352C-106R-4). C. Poorly sorted sandy marlstone with fine to coarse, angular, lithic clasts near the base of an interval of soft-sediment deformation extending from Sections 317-U1352C-105R-1 to 106R-5 (interval 317-U1352C-106R-4, 49–59 cm).

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