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Figure F17. Core photographs showing characteristic features of Subunit IIC. A. Characteristic striped pattern of marlstones or limestones and glauconitic sandstone or marlstone layers (interval 317-U1352C-135R-3, 67–128 cm). B. Laminated layers of glauconitic sandstone (interval 317-U1352C-135R-3, 66–76 cm). C. Intersecting and high-angle layers of glauconitic sandstone (interval 317-U1352C-139R-5, 19–29 cm). D. Converging layers of glauconitic sandstone (interval 317-U1352C-135R-2, 62–72 cm). E. High-angle layers between blocks of glauconitic limestone (interval 317-U1352C-136R-3, 6–16 cm). F. Example of truncation of limestone fabric (burrow) by glauconitic sandstone layer (interval 317-U1352C-134R-1, 71–81 cm). B–F are at the same vertical scale.

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