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Figure F18. Core photographs of contact between Units II and III. Although only two limestone pieces and some rubble were recovered, it is possible the drilled succession included relatively unconsolidated glauconitic sandstone between the two limestones. A. Unconformity (arrow) between glauconitic sandy limestone (Miocene) and white limestone (Oligocene) (interval 317-U1352C-140R-2, 0–55 cm). B. Glauconitic limestone above the unconformity, Subunit IIC (interval 317-U1352C-140R-1, 6–26 cm). C. Stylolitic white limestone below the unconformity, Unit III (interval 317-U1352C-141R-2, 14–34 cm). D. Stylolitic white limestone with purple banding and pyrite concentrated in a stylolite, Unit III (interval 317-U1352C-144R-2, 41–61 cm). E. Muddy limestone with layers of marlstone and purple banding, Unit III (interval 317-U1352C-148R-1, 62–68 cm). B–E are at the same vertical scale.

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