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Table T2. Lithostratigraphic summary, Site U1352. (See table note.)

Age Interval Depth
(decreasing order of importance)
IA Holocene to Pleistocene U1352A-1H though 5H (TD) 0–43.11 Mud, interbedded sand and mud, interbedded clay and mud, sandy mud, interbedded silt and mud, muddy sand
U1352B-1H to 11H-4, 23 cm 0–98.41
U1352D-1H to 11H-4, 13 cm 0–93.63
IB Pleistocene U1352B-11H-4, 23 cm, to 53X-1, 18 cm 98.41–446.88 Mud, marl, sandy mud, muddy sand, interbedded sand and mud
U1352D-11H-4, 13 cm, though 14H (TD) 93.63–127.66
IC Pleistocene to middle Pliocene U1352B-53X-1, 18 cm, through 81X (base) 574.70–709.32 Mud, marl, marlstone, sandy mud, muddy sand, muddy sandstone
U1352C-2R to 11R-1, 92 cm 446.88–710.78
IIA middle Pliocene to early Pliocene U1352B-81X (base) though 94X (TD) 710.78–822.13 Marlstone, sandy mud, mud, muddy sand, marls, muddy sandstone, chalk
U1352C-11R-1, 92 cm, to 61R-1, 30 cm 709.32–1189.30
IIB early Pliocene to late early Miocene U1352C-61R-1, 30 cm, to 123R-1, 142 cm 1189.30–1693.92 Marlstone, marl, sandy mudstone, mudstone, muddy sandstone, very fine to fine sandstone, medium to coarse sandstone
IIC early Miocene U1352C-123R-1, 142 cm, to 140R-2, 47 cm 1693.92–1852.63 Limestone, marlstone, mudstone, very fine to fine sandstone
III Oligocene to Eocene U1352C-140R-2, 47 cm, to base 148R (TD) 1852.63–1924.31 Limestone, mudstone, chert

Note: TD = total depth.

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