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Table T1. Expedition 319 drilling depth terms. (See table notes.)

Depth term explanation
mbsf meters below seafloor
mbsl meters below sea level
DRF drilling depth below rig floor (rotary table)
DSF drilling depth below seafloor
CSF core depth below seafloor
MRF mud depth below rig floor (used for drilling mud cuttings and gas)
MSF mud depth below seafloor (used for drilling mud cuttings and gas)
WRF wireline log depth below rig floor
WMSF wireline log matched depth below seafloor
LRF LWD depth below rig floor
LSF LWD depth below seafloor
SSF seismic depth below seafloor
SSL seismic depth below sea level

Notes: Depth terms are derived from IODP Depth Scales ( LWD = logging-while-drilling.

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