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Figure F9. Line scan images of inferred turbidite deposits. A. Interval 320-U1331B-1H-7, 67–76 cm. Subunit IIa. B. Interval 320-U1331B-4H-5, 0–9 cm. Subunit IIb. C. Interval 320-U1331B-10H-6, 117–130 cm. Subunit IIc. D. Interval 320-U1331A-11H-4, 32–46 cm. A, B, and D show obvious basal scour and fining-upward sequences. C shows a partially lithified conglomerate containing large (up to 2 cm) angular to subrounded mud clasts (inferred rip-up clasts), carbonate microfossils, and sands surrounded by unconsolidated multicolored sands similar to those seen in B.

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