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Figure F8. Low CaCO3 transients in the Site U1338 record. Blue ages for blue-shaded intervals use an unpublished revision of the Site U1338 chronostratigraphy (J. Backman and J. Baldauf, unpubl. data). Black names and dates refer to the central Pacific Neogene seismic stratigraphy of Mayer et al. (1985). Dates for the seismic intervals are based on Site 574 biostratigraphy, updated to the Pacific Equatorial Age Transect age model (see the “Methods” chapter [Expedition 320/321 Scientists, 2010a]). Calibration data are the discrete CaCO3 calibration data set, and check data are the discrete CaCO3 check data set. XRF = X-ray fluorescence.

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