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Figure F2. BSE-TOPO SEM images of 14 benthic Cibicidoides mundulus from 8 samples selected between 87.13 and 176.60 m CCSF-A on the Site U1338 splice. A, E, F, G. Specimens generally show only minor calcite overgrowth, and the pore structures are still very well preserved. B, C. Specimens generally show similar preservation levels shown in A and E to G, although there is some evidence of minor dissolution around some of the pores (red arrows). D, H. Specimens show greater degrees of diagenetic alteration than the other specimens; umbilical specimen shown in H. Both specimens show evidence of dissolution, as well as large calcite overgrowths (red arrows). The specimens imaged from their spiral side in D and H do not show much overgrowth, or any signs of dissolution.

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