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Figure F3. BSE-TOPO SEM images of 16 mixed-layer planktonic Globigerinoides sacculifer from 15 samples selected between 87.13 and 176.60 m CCSF-A on the Site U1338 splice. Generally, the SEM images show that none of the specimens are pristine, and that the preservation is variable. F, K. Specimens show the best preservation, with only minor recrystallization and overgrowth on the outer test, and many pores and spine bases still well defined. A, E, H, M, N, O. Specimens show evidence of greater recrystallization than specimens F and K, with more widespread recrystallization and overgrowth. Despite this, many pores and spine bases still remain visible. B, C, D, G, L. Specimens show a greater degree of alteration, as most of the spine bases are no longer visible, and the pores have been considerable narrowed by the calcite overgrowth. I, J. The worst recrystallization is found on these specimens, where the spine bases are almost entirely overgrown, and the original pore structure is almost completely obscured by recrystallization and overgrowth. Gametogenic calcite is indicated with blue arrows.

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