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Figure F4. More detailed BSE-TOPO SEM images of the mechanically broken mixed-layer planktonic Globigerinoides sacculifer from 117.90 m CCSF-A on the Site U1338 splice (cf. Fig. F3K). This specimen was one of the better-preserved Gs. sacculifer imaged. There is only minor overgrowth on the outer test wall, and the original pores remain clear, with many of the spine bases still visible. The inner test wall only shows minor overgrowth, and has generally retained the smooth texture, which is characteristic for the internal wall of many planktonic species (Pearson and Burgess, 2008). The test-wall cross section shows that the internal growth structure is still largely retained. However, the microgranular texture that would have originally made up the test wall has been recrystallized and replaced with large calcite crystals.

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