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Table T10. Astronomically calibrated age estimates of planktonic foraminifer datums used as biostratigraphic tie points, Expedition 322. (See table notes.)

Planktonic foraminiferal event Zone
LO Globigerinoides ruber rosa   0.12
LO Truncorotalia tosaensis   0.61
FO Truncorotalia crassaformis hessi   0.8
SD2 Pulleniatina spp.   1.7–1.8
LO Neogloboquadrina asanoi   1.8
FO Truncorotalia truncatulinoides N22 1.93
FO Globoconella inflata modern form   2.3–2.5
FO Truncorotolia tosaensis N21 3.35
LO Dentoglobigerina altispira   3.47
LO Sphaeroidinellopsis seminulina   3.59
LO Hirsutella margaritae   3.85
SD1 Pulleniatina spp.   4.08
FO Truncorotalia crassaformis   4.31
LO Globoturborotalita nepenthes N19 4.37
FO Globorotalita tumida N18 5.57
FO Globigerinoides conglobatus   6.2
FO Pulleniatina primalis N17b 6.6
FO Globorotalita plesiotumida N17a 8.58
LO Globoquadrina dehiscens   8.5–9.4
FCO Neogloboquadrina acostaensis N16 10.57
LO Paragloborotalia mayeri N15 11.47
LO Globigeriniodes subquadratus   11.54
FO Globoturborotalita nepenthes N14 11.63
FO Fohsella lobata N12 12.53
FO Fohsella praefohsi N11 12.76
FO Fohsella peripheroacuta N10 14.24
FO Orbulina universa N9 14.74
FO Praeorbulina sicana N8 16.97
LO Catapsydrax dissimilis N7 17.54
FO Globigerinatella insueta N6 17.59
LO Paragloborotalia kugleri N5 21.12
FO Paragloborotalia kugleri N4 22.96

Notes: Zonation and datums taken from tropical area of the Pacific. Astronomical age estimation from Lourens et al. (2004). FO = first occurrence, LO = last occurrence, SD = change in coiling direction, FCO = first consistent occurrence.

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