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Figure F13. Schematic diagrams showing subseafloor borehole observatory (CORK) completions in Holes U1362A and U1362B. Figures are exaggerated horizontally but are drawn vertically to scale and hung on a common datum at the sediment/basalt interface. Each CORK comprises four concentric casing strings, a casing seal and swellable casing packer near the seafloor, and one or two sets of inflatable and swellable packers at depth. Both CORKs use the new “L-CORK” design, with a lateral casing section extending from the inner 4½ inch CORK casing to a free-flow ball valve at the wellhead. Both CORKs have perforated and coated 5½ inch casing and drill collars, into which numerous OsmoSamplers and microbiological growth experiments were placed. Pressure loggers and gauges were installed in the wellhead and connected to monitored intervals at depth with ¼ inch tubing and miniscreens. Fluid and microbiological sampling will be accomplished from the wellhead using dedicated lines and miniscreens at depth.

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