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Table T5. Acronyms and units used for downhole wireline tools and measurements, Expedition 327. (See table notes.)

Tool Output Description Unit
LEH   Logging equipment head  
SP Spontaneous potential (qualitative) mV
DF Cable head tension lbf
TENS Surface cable tension lbf
CS Surface cable speed m/h
HNGS   Hostile Environment Natural Gamma Ray Sonde  
HSGR Standard (total) gamma ray API
HCGR Computed gamma ray (HSGR minus uranium contribution) API
HFK Potassium (K) wt%
HTHO Thorium (Th) ppm
HURA Uranium (U) ppm
HBHK Borehole potassium wt%
HLDS             Hostile Environment Litho-Density Sonde  
RHOM Corrected bulk density g/cm3
PEFL Photoelectric effect b/e
LCAL Long-axis borehole caliper inch
DRH Bulk density correction g/cm3
NRHB Bulk density g/cm3
MTT   Modular Temperature Tool  
WTEP Borehole fluid temperature °C
GPIT   General Purpose Inclinometry Tool  
DEVI Hole deviation degrees
HAZI Hole azimuth degrees
Fx, Fy, Fz Earth’s magnetic field (three orthogonal components) Oe
Ax, Ay, Az Acceleration (three orthogonal components) m/s2
FNOR Magnetic field total movement Oe
FINC Magnetic field inclination degrees
RB Pad 1 relative bearing degrees
P1AZ Pad 1 azimuth degrees
UBI   Ultrasonic Borehole Imager  
FTED Median borehole radius inch
FT25 Lower quartile borehole radius inch
FT75 Upper quartile borehole radius inch
AMED Median amplitude db
AM25 Lower quartile amplitude db
AM75 Upper quartile amplitude db
TTVIEW Transit time image µs
AWVIEW Amplitude window image db

Notes: LEH, HNGS, HLDS, GPIT, and UBI are trademarks of Schlumberger. For the complete list of acronyms used in IODP and for additional information about tool physics, consult IODP-USIO Science Services, LDEO, at

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