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Table T6. Onboard laboratory equipment for paleomagnetic study, Expedition 329.

Equipment Status Quality assessment
2G Enterprises 760R superconducting rock magnetometer Used and functional Average magnetic moment for a 150 cm blank (air) is <1 × 10–10 Am2 after correction of the tray background.
AGICO KappaBridge KLY-4S susceptibility meter Used and functional Used to measure bulk susceptibilities
DTECH D-2000 alternating-field demagnetizer Not used Undetermined
Schonstedt TSD-1 thermal demagnetizer Not used Thermal demagnetization experiments were conducted at each site with a sequence of discrete samples.
ASC IM-10 impulse magnetizer (Serial 01971) Not used Undetermined
Applied Physics portable fluxgate magnetometer (Model 520) Not used Undetermined
AGICO JR6/JR6A dual-speed spinner magnetometer Used Undetermined

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